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If you’re a fan of all things PlayStation, you need to check out these amazing websites to stay on top of all the latest gaming news.
Are you a big PlayStation fan? Do you like to stay on top of all the latest PS5 news? Do you consume all the reviews for the latest Sony games? If so, you need to make sure that you're following the biggest and best websites for PlayStation news and reviews.
We've rounded up all the greatest PlayStation websites that you need to check out. Whether you're playing the freshest PS5 release, or you fancy a bit of PlayStation nostalgia, these websites will keep the PlayStation fan within you satisfied.
No list of PlayStation websites would be complete without mentioning PlayStation.Blog, the official PlayStation blog for news and video updates. Of course, since Sony run the blog, this isn't the place to go for unbiased game or company opinions.
What it is good for, though, is news on upcoming releases, details of PS5 software updates, behind-the-scenes game secrets, first-hand development accounts, and more. The site even hosts a weekly podcast that wraps all this up in audio form.
Push Square is one of the biggest and best PlayStation-focused websites, and is part of the same publishing network of sites like Eurogamer, Nintendo Life, and Pure Xbox.
Push Square pumps out high-quality news, reporting on the latest industry changes, game releases, and sales figures. It also has a wide collection of videos, reviews, previews, guides, polls, and quizzes to keep you entertained.
If that's not enough, you should also head over to the reasonably active forums, where you can chat with like-minded PlayStation fans.
If your aim is to stay on top of all PlayStation news, look no further than PlayStation Universe. This site publishes an incredible number of stories, offering details on games in development, in-game events, PS Plus changes, newly launched titles, and more.
PlayStation Universe also publishes a considerable number of reviews, so you can see whether that new PS5 game is worth buying. Plus, don't forget to check out its wallpaper collection to spice up your desktop, and drop by the forums to share your thoughts on all things PlayStation.
If you live and breathe PlayStation, look no further than PlayStation LifeStyle. This site contains all the PlayStation news you could need, covering industry rumors (like Sony lapping up more game studios), leaked gameplay videos, the latest PS Plus games, and more.
PlayStation LifeStyle also publishes constant reviews, not only of new PS5 games and DLC, but also hardware like PS5-compatible SSDs. Each review ends with easily digestible pros and cons, so you can get a quick overview of what the site thinks about a game.
As the name might suggest, PlayStation Trophies is the site for you if you're a trophy hunter. Find the game you're playing and see all of its trophies, even those that are hidden. The site also hosts trophy guides, so you know exactly what you need to do to earn them.
However, the site offers more than just trophy data. It also publishes PlayStation news, information about upcoming releases, along with reviews, previews, and interviews.
There's a subreddit for everything, so of course there's a subreddit for the PS5. It's a community of over two million PlayStation fans, with the subreddit guiding you to all the latest news, reviews, previews, and videos you could ever need.
Of course, this is Reddit, so you can comment on everything that's shared and engage with fellow PlayStation fans in the comments. Be sure to check out other PlayStation subreddits like r/PlayStation and r/PSVR.
Reddit can be a bit tricky to navigate. If you get lost, you might want to refer to our guide on how to search Reddit effectively.
GameSpot launched in 1996 and is one of the biggest and best gaming websites on the web. It covers every aspect of the gaming world, but it offers more PlayStation content than some Sony-specific sites.
Whether you're seeking the latest news, deals, screenshots, or videos, GameSpot offers it all. But it's perhaps best for its thorough reviews, which offer quality deep dives into games that you'll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.
Like GameSpot, IGN is a general gaming website, but it has a great PlayStation section. IGN covers all the biggest PlayStation and Sony news, reporting on topics like hardware manufacturing, game releases, mods, deals, and more.
IGN also publishes plenty of reviews, many available in video form. If you're unsure whether to take the plunge on that new PS5 game, head to IGN and the site probably has a review for it.
While VGC may be a relative newcomer in the world of online video game news, it has made its mark as a trusted source free from clickbait and trolling. VGC also covers Nintendo, Microsoft, and the like, but it has plenty of Sony news to go around.
VGC posts new PlayStation news every single day, so there's always something to check out. Whether it's revealing the next PS Now games, publishing the latest game trailers, or rounding up reader comments, VGC is a great resource for all Sony fans.
If you want to get your next PlayStation game cheap and save money (and who doesn't?) then you need to visit PS Deals. This site lets you track any game in the official PlayStation Store and receive alerts for when the game's price drops.
Unless you're desperate to buy a game on release, there's no point spending full price on a game. Instead, track it in PS Deals, then sit back and wait for a bargain to roll round. You'll save loads of money.
It's undeniably exciting to track PlayStation news; reading rumors about upcoming games, catching a glimpse of some leaked footage, reading a developer interview. But don't forget to actually play some games too! There's a treasure trove of PlayStation exclusive games that demand your attention.
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